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Articles & Books

  • Embracing Cultural Competency: A Roadmap for Nonprofit Capacity Builders. Editor: Patricia St. Onge, Contributing Authors: Beth Applegate, Vicki Asakura, Monica Moss, Brigette Rouson, Alfredo Vergara-Lobo. Available July 2009 ISBN 978-0-940069-68-8. [Read Flyer] [Order Here]
  • "Organization Development: A Catalyst for Social Change." Tamara Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry, Vol. 8, Issue 8.3 & 8.4 ISSN 1532-5555. [Read Article].
  • "Diversity and Inclusion: The Next Step in Social Responsibility." ASAE and the Center for Association Leadership Associations Now magazine. [Read Article]
  • The Sustainable Enterprise Field book – When It All Comes Together. Edited by Wirtenberg, J., Russell, W., and Lipsky, D. 2008. Co-published by Greenleaf Publishing (UK) and AMACOM. To order the book, visit and visit the Living Fieldbook.
  • "Challenges and Opportunities in Nonprofit Capacity Building," NONPROFIT WORLD JOURNAL, Vol. 26, No. 3, published by the Society for Nonprofit Organizations,
  • Wirtenberg, J., Backer, T., Chang, W., Applegate, B., Lannan, T., Conway, M., Abrams, L. & Slepian, J., (2007 in press). "The Future of Organization Development in the Nonprofit Sector," OD Journal, Third Special Issue of "Best Global Practices in Internal OD," Volume 25(4). [Read Article]
  • Wirtenberg, J., Backer, T., Chang, W., Conway, M., Abrams, L. & Slepian, J., "The Future of Organization Development: Enabling Sustainable Business Performance Through People" article in the Organization Development Journal, Summer 2007 (Volume 25 No. 2), pp. 11-22 special edition. Applegate is a contributor to this article. [Read Article]
  • Applegate B., Illif, H., Kloth, C. (2005) "Organization Development and Social Change – A Practitioner's Dialogue," OD Network 2005 Conference Proceedings. [Read Article]
  • Applegate B. (2005) "Racial Equity as a Prism for Effective Consulting," Alliance for Nonprofit Management Enhance Newsletter. [Read Article]
  • Applegate B. & Kloth C. (2004) "Inter-Organization Collaboration & Partnerships: A Critical Analysis," Ohio Coalition on Sexual Assault Exchange newsletter. [Read Article]
  • Applegate B. (2002) "Allies for Democracy," OD Practitioner. [Read Article]
  • Applegate B. (2002) "The Case of Camwell High School," OD Practitioner. [Read Article]

Press Releases

  • U.S. Commerce Press release 2009 [Read]
  • Cultural Competency book release 2009 [Read]
  • Cultural Competency Award 2009 [Read]
  • Fieldbook release 2010 [Read]


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