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Our Mission: ACG is a woman-owned organization development (OD) practice that assists national and international nonprofits, philanthropic and higher education institutions, government agencies, and socially responsible for-profit corporations with developing human and organizational capacity to build a more just, sustainable, and equitable world.

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Photo by Beth Applegate

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Societal and organization paradigms have been turned on their heads, and the script flipped. Work-life balance is now in demand all over the world in the places where people work, live and play. This mindset shift requires leaders to adjust their assumptions and to re-focus on the people, processes and results. Applegate Consulting Group (ACG) guides the development of long-term strategic and shorter-term operational plans while simultaneously aligning organizational values, structure, processes, and management systems to serve the vision and mission. ACG provides specialized support that is targeted and cost-effective.

Led by Beth Applegate, ACG unleashes the collective expertise in your organization to catalyze innovation, equity, inclusion, and to create transformative approaches to carry out your mission. To take on your organizational challenges, we can deploy practitioners and technical discipline in the areas of multi-racial organization development (OD); culture equity, inclusion and justice (CEIJ); change management; leadership development; process facilitation; strategic planning; shame resilience; emotional and racial literacy; power analysis; along with Use of Self (U of S) theory. As your enterprise adjusts to the "new remote normal," ACG can provide online offerings covering formal knowledge and real-world practice.  We partner with clients to resolve organization-wide challenges, with focused and comprehensive strategies that tap into reservoirs of energy, and release potential and possibilities.

Our clients consistently report improved levels of emotional intelligence, organizational innovation, racial literacy, engagement and inclusion, along with a heightened ability to optimize results and strengthen organizational capacity on their own. 

Utilizing systems theory and a well-established action research process, ACG helps diverse organizations lift up internal wisdom to re-align the internal-facing organizational culture and operations—such as programming, services and grant-making—into a healthy culture of belonging. We do this by creating new kinds of just systems, processes and structures, with different kinds of metrics for process, results and wellness in this brave new remote-working environment.

Among our offerings to clients are training on “Polarity Thinking” "Dare to Lead”, courage building, cultural equity, inclusion and justice consultations, coaching to white leaders, team building with the Enneagram, and executive transition facilitation.

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  • Cultural Competence Award
    for recognition of Commitment to Diversity & Ensuring "Best Practices" in Cultural Competency to the Nonprofit Sector (July 2009)
  • Hal Kellner Award in Recognition
    of Your Deep Concern of Social Justice (April 2003)

"Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; it's choosing what's right over what's fun, fast or easy;
and it's practicing your values, not just professing them."

- Brené Brown -


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