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Building Brave Organizational Cultures

Facilitating the people and organizational processes to build courageous cultures is a core competency of the consultants, coaches and facilitators who partner with ACG.  Whether you work together in an office or work remotely, when you work with ACG, we help you convert shared values into observable and measurable behaviors.  ACG can show you how to translate those behaviors into just performance evaluations, just organizational metrics, and into systems and structures for staff and leadership accountability.  Contact ACG to take advantage of our Building Brave Organizational Cultures services.

The Benefits of a Healthy Organizational Culture

Plant Leaves - Photo by Beth Applegate
Photo by Beth Applegate

Creating a culture of belonging has never been more important than in the wake of the global pandemic. Acknowledging interconnectedness, and addressing the vulnerability that people feel in a world where there are no gaurantees is one of the most critical leadership competencies needed in a time of tumultuous change. 

Research shows that less than 10% of brick-and-mortar workplaces that had established written organizational values were actually using them to observe and measure behaviors. Whether leaders, teams and staff work from home or office, no one can live into—and hold each other accountable for—what they cannot name and describe. 

When aspirations and actions are out of step, people and institutions experience inefficiency, conflict, ambivalence, lackluster performance, low engagement and other signs of lost energy. By understanding your individual and organizational values and aligning them with daily practice in behaviors, policies, structures and processes, ACG supports institutions to be most effective and fulfilled in their work.

Hummingbird - Photo by Beth Applegate
Photo by Beth Applegate

"Beth has supported us in creating an environment where all staff can maximize their contributions, daily build upon their own leadership skills and live into our values. She has helped us form the bedrock of our reconstructed organization, giving us the tools and infrastructure to maximize our impact upon urban and community forestry, and build a sustainable foundation. The results of her leadership upon the organization are immeasurable."
- Deputy Director

Toy Garden - Photo by Beth Applegate
Photo by Beth Applegate

"As a client of Applegate Consulting Group for nearly three years, I have experienced firsthand Beth Applegate's strong facilitation and team-building work. She has the extraordinary ability to create a safe space for employees across departments and levels. My staff of 40 universally trusts and respects Beth. In her role as an executive coach, she has been an invaluable resource to me. With technical expertise in non-profit management combined with strong coaching skills and a passion for civil rights work, Beth has not only kept me from tearing my hair out but also helped me to see things differently, making clear and direct observations that have informed and enhanced my leadership abilities."
Executive Director

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