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Meeting, Workshop & Retreat Convening Process & Graphic Facilitation

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Today's systems require skilled leaders, confident staff and dynamic teams. Process facilitation provides an effective way to engage ecosystem members online or in person to deepen relationships and partnerships. ACG utilizes process facilitation principles and design, and our multifaceted skills, to hold the containers for our clients so that they can advance the mission of their organization through internal meetings.

Let ACG facilitators provide people, process and graphic facilitation skills to create a powerful shared experience for your organization, institution, foundation, network or community today. Let ACG help your organization clarify the purpose of virtual meetings, and provide the process facilitation to help your teams meet the intended outcomes. Our facilitation process design will guide the decision-making, power and authority of the participants in a meaningful and satisfying way. It will allow people to share and listen to information, deepen their mutual understanding, generate smarter ideas, and make better decisions.

Making Meetings More Productive

Plantlife - Photo by Beth Applegate
Photo by Beth Applegate

ACG has three decades of experience in process facilitation and virtual meeting facilitation. Because of this, we have the skills to develop experiential in-person and virtual sessions that are designed to engage adult learners. We specialize in:

  • Designing and Facilitating Online Meetings for Effective Brainstorming, Creativity, Deliberation, Decision-Making and Action Taking
  • Combining Cutting-Edge, Multifaceted, Multi-media, Graphic-facilitators and Graphic Elements
  • Using Proven Theory with Carefully Selected Reflection, Journaling, Pair and Smaller Group Work
  • Designing and Delivering On Line and In Person 1-Day to 6-Week Participatory Learning Experiences for Groups from 10 to 200+
  • Facilitating Dialogues & Role-Play Activities, Movement, Contemplation and Accountability Partners
  • Creating an Engaging In-Person or OnLine Learning Experience, Resulting in More Cohesive Teams, Institutions & Larger Ecoystem Success
  • Designing and Facilitating Off-Site Sessions for Group Renewal, Courage Building, Polarity Thinking, Enneagram, Community of Practice Creativity and Learning

Birds Nest - Photo by Beth Applegate
Photo by Beth Applegate

"Beth is an exceptional virtual facilitator. She adds real value in every step of the process. Beth does a terrific job of identifying potential issues before they arise and provides excellent suggestions for getting the most out of the time the group is investing in the process. She keeps both management and the participants honest and on track. Beth's involvement ensured that a meeting will produce actionable results."
- Board Chair

Skyline - Photo by Beth Applegate
Photo by Beth Applegate

"Beth has created an environment where all staff can maximize their contributions and daily build upon their own leadership skills. She has helped us form the bedrock of our reconstructed organization, giving us the tools and infrastructure to maximize our impact upon urban and community forestry and build a sustainable foundation. The results of her leadership upon the organization are immeasurable."
- Deputy Director

Dreamer - Photo by Beth Applegate
Photo by Beth Applegate

"Beth's deep knowledge of organizations and professional development make her a truly outstanding organization development practitioner and training designer. Beth was on faculty as a lead trainer for our three-day Presidential Management Fellows Orientation for the Office of Personnel Management. She is an exceptional trainer, with the ability to integrate practical information with personal impact. She is committed to participatory and experiential learning and finds ways to bridge the gap between learning and action. Testimonials from her participants say it all: 'great combo of energy, professionalism and expertise,' 'made sure everyone was heard,' 'instilled confidence,' 'kept the energy high and was so organized,' 'her enthusiasm was wonderful,' 'made special effort to read body language and to assess needs and interests,' 'kept us focused,' 'good energy,' 'fun,' 'awesome,' 'truly great!"
- Program Analyst

Mushroom - Photo by Beth Applegate
Photo by Beth Applegate

"Beth Applegate skillfully and consistently built consensus among a group of organizational leaders with diverse and sometimes conflicting concerns. Beth's fine balance of leadership qualities – integrity, fairness, and humility – coupled with her strong knowledge of and appreciation for each group member's perspective, strengthened the coalition, and focused our energy. Perhaps most importantly, Beth's professional, even-handed approach to virtual meeting facilitation earned her great respect and trust among group members around the world."
- President and CEO

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